MVI Approach To ACDBE


MVI has the expertise to procure the right companies to effectively meet and exceed ACDBE (Airport Concessionary Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) goals.  We strive to surpass the minority participation for vendors on airport property and fairly extend the opportunity for ACDBEs to compete for business. Since our inception, we have acheived or exceeded all ACDBE goals. Facility Managers work closely with the airport's appointed Business Diversity Manager to ensure we are properly achieving and exceeding the established goals. MVI's staff is knowledgeable of the National Industry Standard Classification System codes and FAA Codes and Federal Regulations. 


MVI's standard operating procedures related to ACDBE participation:

  • Complete and submit monthly ACDBE reports/forms provided by airport
  • Locate local ACDBEs and DBEs with applicable NAICS codes for each CONRAC
  • Appropriately document work, services and goods performed/provided by ACDBEs
  • Assist Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), Women Owned Businesse Enterprises (WBEs) and Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) to pursue ACDBE certification
  • Track and report, internally and externally, our monthly goal status