Managing ConRAC Facilities has become more complex in today's environment.  MVI takes the complexity out of developing and managing ConRAC facilities through automated processes and innovative proprietary tools.  MVI is the industry leader in working with partners to develop and manage ConRAC facilities.  MVI currently enjoys partnerships with airports such as BNA (Nasvhille), CLT (Charlotte Douglas), MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul), MSY (New Orleans), SDF (Louisville) and TPA (Tampa), where we manage their ConRAC facilities. 

It is MVI's goal at these facilities is to provide an excellent experience to all of our airport guests, employees and Rental Car Companies. MVI Holdings is a single source solution for ConRAC facilities and prides itself on exceptional operations at each ConRAC site which we oversee.


MVI ConRAC Advantages:

  • Over 120 years of combined staff experience in facility development and management
  • Cutting edge "Quality Control" and "Quality Assurance" web-based programs
  • Proven processes and flexible structure
  • Vault Management Software (IT backbone) for maintenance, facilities, equipment and any other long term capital asset is best in class and keeps facilities operational and running smoothly
  • Internal fuel capacity with Tri Star Energy and numerous partners to ensure that necessary fuel levels and washer fluids are available without interruption and that buying power is maximized
  • UST Compliance-we have completed over 120,000 inspections since 2009
  • Understanding of the importance of regulations and  relationships-MVI works closely with local and airport authorities to ensure that all regulations are considered during the development and management of ConRAC facilities
  • Ability to staff each ConRAC with a Facility/Fuel Manager and Maintenance Manager providing onsite expertise at all times